Seminar/Class Topics:

* Death: You Have One Chance to Get it Right!

* Burial Rituals From Around the World

* The Death of an Animal Companion: Why It Hurts So Much

* How to Talk to the Dying

* Near Death Experiences: What They Are & What They May Mean

* How We Died in the Past, Die Today & Will Die in the Future

* Doing Grief The Right Way

* Forgiveness: Four Keys to a Better Relationship

* End of Life Options You Had No Idea Existed

* Dying to be Green

* BROCHURE <– Click There


* Advance Care Planning and Notarization

* End of Life Education/Preparation 

* Legacywork

* Griefwork

* Spirituality and/or Religion

* Loss of an Animal Companion

* Veganism


* Living Memorial/Wake

* Celebration of Life

* Memorial

* Funeral

Houses of Worship

* Special Program to Create an End of Life Ministry

* Can Include Adult Education, Sermon, Three Hour Afternoon Training

* Will Travel for this Program


* Seminars are generally 1-1.5 hours in length and are offered free of charge to libraries, houses of worship & civic organizations in Lake County, Illinois. 

* $69/hr for most navigation work

* Special discounts for animal issues (loss, grief, veganism)

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